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    SEED Strategic Model

    Startup, a meaningful word for today’s enthusiastic world. As this word can be split in “start” and “up”, we could say that the “up” is related to develop and increase the business. STRATEGY is the high level PLAN to achieve GOALS in times of uncertainty.  Also, “Strategy is how a company achieves its goal by developing its scarce resources to gain a sustainable competitive advantage”. Source: Vaughan Evans – Key strategy tools (Pearson Publishing), 2013 So, because of limited resources, the company needs to manage them effectively. Moreover, gaining sustainable competitive advantage leads to value creation, increasing performance and results for the business owner. WHAT ARE THE MAIN STEPS THAT A…

  • Performanta si Strategie

    PESTEL model: Factors that could influence a start-up

    When starting a new company the analysis of the external factors that influence the market is important because it can prevent future difficulties in running the business. One of the model used in business strategy is PESTEL model. PESTEL comes from Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. When assessing the level of impact of this types of factors, we first need to know what is the target market, otherwise the analysis could have biases like checking the impact from a larger market. So, is the business targeting global, continental, regional, national or a city market? If so, there are different ways in which these factors are represented. The…

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    Strategy – the journey for start-ups!

    If strategy is achieving goals through efficient planning in order to gain competitive advantage, when our resources are limited, why do we see many start-ups that don’t have an efficient strategy? In many times, the uncertainty and unpredictable environment because their main concern of a new company because of 3 main reasons: – limited understanding of the target market – lack of market analysis in order to assess the environment, competitors, potential clients and possible opportunities or threats – no or limited analysis on financials. If break-even is reached at 95% of potential clients, it is obvious that the rest of 5% (profit) could not reach the expected growth. Start-ups…

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    Why getting to break-even is so crucial?

    A company can reach performance by reaching “break-even”. As the word tells us, at this point the company “breaks” it’s current results to “even”, where revenues are equal to costs. So, why is is getting to break-even so crucial? We will point it out in the following examples. Let’s presume that you are a start-up company that organizes events, let’s say conferences & seminars. Your next conference will have fixed costs (e.g. renting the venue, speakers’ fee, hotel, plane tickets and more, team incentives, advertising) and variable unit costs (e.g. conference materials, meals, coffee breaks and so on). Your renting venue has around 150 seats, so you are interested in…

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    Black Friday, Cyber Monday sau „Any given Sunday”

    Sezonul reducerilor si vanzarile de Craciun sunt pregatite de retaileri inca de la inceputul anului, cand analizand vanzarile din perioada incheiata isi reanalizeaza pozitia, strategia si politica de vanzari. De anul trecut, in Romania s-a preluat un alt „Halloween” sau „Saint Valentine”, si anume „Black Friday”. Black Friday este prima vineri dupa Ziua Recunostintei. Numele este originar din Philadelphia, fiind initial recunoscuta ca o zi cu trafic intens, de dupa Ziua Recunostintei. Ulterior, denumirea a inceput sa aiba conotatii economice, simbolizand depasirea punctului de echilibru (break-even), si rezultatului de la rosu (negativ) la negru (pozitiv). Apetitul romanilor spre sarbatorile americane nu este unul nou, aceste sarbatori fiind incluse in strategiile…

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    Creare de valoare si managementul prin valoare

    In perioade de incertitudine si fluctuatii economice, reanalizarea instrumentelor de masurare a performantei reprezinta o necesitate. Marile corporatii sunt interesate sa masoare valoarea creata ca parte a masurarii performantei. Companiile de consultanta Ster Stewart, Boston Consulting Group sau EVA Dimensions  au dezvoltat o serie de instrumente de masurare a valorii, ce aveau sa intre in competitie prin asa-zisul „metric war” . Acesti indicatori au devenit, inca din anii ’90, instrumente complexe de masurare, ce pot calcula valoarea creata. Dintre indicatorii dezvoltati se pot aminti:  EVA (Valoarea Economica Adaugata), MVA (valoarea de piata adaugata), CFROI (rata rentabilitatii fluxurilor de numerar), TSR ( rata rentabilitatii actionarilor), CVA (valoarea adaugata lichida), SVA (shareholder…

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    Responsabilitate sociala integrata

    In ultimul articol concluzionam ca o companie trebuie sa maximizeze valoarea pentru actionari, fiind in acelasi timp responsabila fata de partile interesate ce sunt afectate de activitatea sa. Conceptul de responsabilitate sociala corporatista (CSR- corporate social responsability) a condus la abudenta activitatilor filantrofice ale companiilor. Daca analizam companiile listate la bursele de valori (inclusiv BVB), vom observa ca majoritatea prezinta in rapoartele lor, exemple de felul in care concep responsabilitatea sociala. O persoana responsabila social este acea persoana care prin activitatile pe care le desfasoara zilnic aduce un plus de valoare mediului in care traieste. O companie responsabila sociala, nu este doar o companie ce ofera anual donatii sau se…

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    Maximizarea valorii pentru…?

    Evolutia modului in care atat academicienii, cat si cei din practica urmaresc evolutia companiei s-a schimbat de-a lungul timpului. Teoria actionarilor (Eng. shareholders) spune ca obiectivul principal al companiei este sa maximizeze valoarea pentru actionari (prin maximizarea pretului actiunii respective). O alta teorie, cea  a partilor interesate (Eng. stakeholders), considera ca managementul companiei ar trebuie sa fundamenteze deciziile luand in calcul si interesele celorlalte parti ce sunt in directa legatura cu compania: angajati, clienti, furnizori, societatea si mediul inconjurator. Compania poate sa-si stabileasca mai multe obiective, insa pe masura ce numarul acestora creste si capacitatea companiei de a le indeplini scade. Michael Jensen prin lucrarea “Maximization and the Corporate Objective…

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